Indoor Generator 1500 Watt Sump Pump Generator with Solar Panel Package

Product Summary

The IndoorGenerator Backup Power System
Finally a Generator for Everyone …No Gas! No Noise! No Fumes!

NEW! 1500W CO. 3000W SS. MSW. IT.ED Application: sump pumps or other less than 1500W item.
Has auto/ instant transfer. In aluminum – mill finish.

Options: Add Portable Solar Panel & Solar Charger for Off grid battery charging!
Additional charge, see PSP & SCI

The IndoorGenerator is specifically designed to be used indoors during power outages.

It can power your essential electric appliances:
ac heat blowers
alarm systems
computer equipment
garage openers
medical equipment
microwaves and much more….

For Business Owners – you can keep your business open, running your point of sale equipment computers/ servers and phone systems for days not minutes!

Incl. standard solar charger & (1) PSP-S-L (ready to use large solar panel w/ 50 ft of cord

Application: Several low watt items used simultaneously (load determines run time) or 1 larger item such as an energy efficient refrigerator (3-days).

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price USD 0.00
Shipping weight 450.00 lb