Indoor Generator 1500 Watt UPS Generator

Product Summary

Max 1500W CO. 4000W 9 sec SS. CE. PSW. UPS. IP. ED. Wood. Metal Add $ for Same in Powder Coated Metal – call/ email for pricing.
Application: Several low watt items used simultaneously (load determines runtime) or 1 larger item such as an energy efficient refrigerator (approx 6 DAYS of refrigeration). How long will it run?

Your IndoorGenerator™ has a specific Watt hour capacity, by calculating the amount of watts you use – you will be able to determine what size unit you need and how long it will last. Off Grid Warehouse can help you evaluate your needs.

How do I recharge my IndoorGenerator™? There are several recharge options. When available & time is not a factor it can be recharged using standard utility power. Additional recharge options are: mechanical & solar power (from your car, from wind turbines/generators, from photovoltaic solar panels), it can also be recharged with a gas generator or alternator. Recharge times vary depending on charger speed, unit being recharged and method.

What are the Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Rebates / Tax Credits? There are State and Federal incentives in the form of rebates and tax credits available for people and commercial entities that install qualifying systems. These are time-sensitive and budget-limited and vary by State. A good source for further information is .