Off Grid Solar PV Powered LED Lighting Design

Product Summary

No Electricity – No Problem…

Solar Powered LED Street Lights by Off Grid Preparedness Supply
Solar powered street lights are perfect for applications where there is no access to utility power. Perfect for remote areas, dark neighborhoods, or any area needing more light!

Solar powered street lights are perfect for anyone wanting to reduce electric bills. Return on investment* can be as little as 3 years, State and Federal rebates, “depending on location”

How does it work? The solar panel recharges the battery via a dusk to dawn photo sensor (solar charger) and powers a LED street light!

There are too many lighting options to post regarding fixture style, wattage, run time, pole size, battery amp hours, mounting hardware etc. We will be happy to work up a quote for your specific lighting needs. 856-292-3645

Lighting Options:
General Lighting
Architectural Lighting
Commercial Landscape
Ground Sign Lighting
Billboard Lighting
Parking Lot
Traffic Signal Cross Walk
Security Camera Options
Flag Pole Lighting

We can design any style application for a location or facilities that need lighting that lacks electricity…

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