American Safe Room Ballistic Doors

American Safe Room Ballistic Doors

American Safe Room Ballistic Doors

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Product Summary

Ballistic Doors

UL 752 level 8 protection (7.62 NATO)
Swinging, sliding, or double leaf

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and Blow Your House Down…No You Won’t!!

American Safe Room manufactures these pre-hung ballistic doors that are engineered to protect your shelter from malicious people.
They feature a ballistic steel plate that is capable of withstanding multiple hits with a 7.62 NATO rifle round – UL 752 level 8 protection.

Available Sizes
32″ x 72″
36″ x 80″

Wide angle viewers flank a secure gun port at any height you need. Rotating cam latches draw the door into the frame, compressing the seal that prevents airborne toxins from entering your shelter.

There are two cam latches, two viewers, and a swinging gun port with a smaller cam latch.

This door has its viewers mounted below the gun port. You determine the height you want the port and viewers at time of order. We provide a confirmation drawing showing these heights before we build the door.

These ballistic doors come standard with weld-on wall capture brackets that hold the door frame in place from the inside.
You can have a three or five inch step over threshold, a step over frame, or a flat threshold. See page seven of the single leaf blast door manual for detail drawings of these thresholds.
This door has a step over frame threshold and the door above has a five inch step over threshold.

Sizes – standard and custom
The single leaf swinging ballistic door comes in two standard sizes – and customs sizes can be built. The standard sizes are 32 inches wide by 72 inches tall and 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall. The free opening when installed is nominally one half inch under the rated size. We have built many custom sized doors. If you have an existing opening that needs a ballistic door, please contact us.

If you have an application that needs to protect from, or to contain a detonation, please contact our staff.
Please contact our shipping dept for LTL freight cost to your facility 856-823-1177

NOTE: Sale of any door or accessories IS NOT COMPLETE until a LTL freight cost has been added to the total invoice!