American Safe Room Double Leaf Blast Doors

American Safe Room Double Leaf Blast Doors

American Safe Room Double Leaf Blast Doors

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Product Summary

Double Leaf Blast Doors

American Safe Room manufactures these pre-hung blast resistant double leaf doors that are engineered to protect your shelter from the high pressure blast waves produced by a large conventional or nuclear detonation. A double leaf blast resistant door has two swinging door leaves mounted on one frame that usually ships in two parts. It is designed to allow vehicles to pass through while carrying the same pressure rating as our single leaf blast door. If your shelter has the ability to house a vehicle, you need this door. Please measure the height and width of your vehicle before ordering.

Sizes – standard and custom
This door comes in two standard sizes – and customs sizes can be built. The standard sizes are 72 inches wide by 80 inches tall and 96 inches wide by 80 inches tall. The free opening when installed is nominally one half inch under the rated size. Please see the manual for more information. We have built many custom sized doors. If you have an existing opening that needs a blast door, please contact us.

These doors are also designed to protect against malicious people and fires. The door features four inches of concrete that resists structural fires, cutting torches, and has a UL level 8 ballistic rating – multiple hits with a 7.62 NATO round with no penetration.

How blast doors stop detonations
The energy from a detonation must first overcome the static inertia of the mass of the concrete. Once this inertia is overcome and the door begins to move, it flexes inward, acting as a bridge between the frame from side to side. The blast load puts the concrete fill under a compression load that transfers the blast load to the inside skin. The inside steel skin is put under a tension load as it stretches. Engineers use concrete for applications that require a high compression strength and steel for applications that require a high tensile strength.

Compression seal
Double leaf doors do not have an airtight seal between the leaves. They allow more air leakage than single leaf doors, but they do feature a synthetic rubber seal between the door and the frame allowing for the use of a positive pressure NBC filtration system inside the shelter. The inside cam latches draw the door into the seal as they are rotated. This puts the seal under compression between the door leaf and the frame. The strict tolerances we hold allow us to use a closed cell EPDM foam seal – not the bulb (automotive type) seal commonly used when manufacturers can’t hold the tolerance necessary for a solid seal. This seal is expertly applied without stretching it and the corners are cleanly chamfered to seal out airborne toxins. As an option, you can get a second, fire rated seal applied outside of this primary one. Any fires outside your shelter will have to burn through the fire seal before they get to the primary seal.

Install before filling
The 3/16 inch steel envelope is filled with concrete after you hang it in place. This keeps the door relatively light for installation, but puts a lot of dense mass between you and whatever threats are outside your shelter.

Threshold options
Double leaf blast doors latch on the top and bottom, not the side like a single leaf door. The standard threshold is a three inch step over frame.
This picture shows a double leaf inward swinging blast door with a flat threshold. It requires that a socket be installed in the floor for bolt latches be installed behind the door leaves.
This door also features adjustable sweeps on the bottom of the leaves that help seal the door.

The doors are normally broken down into halves and shipped by LTL freight.

This is a double leaf door and a flat hatch strapped together.We can specify that the delivery truck has a drop gate so the delivery is on the ground exactly where you want it. You must ensure that there is adequate turn around room.

If you have an application that needs to protect from, or to contain a detonation, please contact our staff.
Please contact our shipping dept for LTL freight cost to your facility 856-823-1177

NOTE: Sale of any door or accessories IS NOT COMPLETE until a LTL freight cost has been added to the total invoice!