American Safe Room Single Leaf Blast Door

American Safe Room Single Leaf Blast Door

American Safe Room Single Leaf Blast Door

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Product Summary

Single Leaf Blast Door

American Safe Room manufactures these pre-hung blast resistant doors that are engineered to protect your shelter from the high pressure blast waves produced by a large conventional or nuclear detonation.

They also are designed to protect against malicious people and fires. The door features four inches of concrete that resists structural fires, cutting torches, and has a UL level 8 ballistic rating – multiple hits with a 7.62 NATO round with no penetration.

The standard frame is designed to bolt to the wall with high strength concrete wedge anchors. If you choose the assault resistant cam latch option, you also get the wall capture brackets which give you the security of a poured in place door with the ease of installation of a bolt on door.

Sizes – standard and custom
The standard sizes are 32 by 72 inches and 36 by 80 inches. These dimensions are the outside of the frame lips that insert into the opening in the wall. You need to make your wall opening a little larger that these dimensions – see the manual for more information. We have built many custom sized doors. If you have an existing opening that needs a blast door, please contact us.

This is a door with a bolt-on frame and a step over threshold. It features assault resistant cam latches, a wide angle viewer, an inset deadbolt, and the differential pressure gauge will mount just below the viewer.

How blast doors stop detonations
The energy from a detonation must first overcome the static inertia of the mass of the concrete. Once this inertia is overcome and the door begins to move, it flexes inward, acting as a bridge between the frame from side to side. The blast load puts the concrete fill under a compression load that transfers the blast load to the inside skin. The inside steel skin is put under a tension load as it stretches. Engineers use concrete for applications that require a high compression strength and steel for applications that require a high tensile strength.

Install before filling
The 3/16 inch steel envelope is filled with concrete after you hang it in place. This keeps the door relatively light for installation, but puts a lot of dense mass between you and whatever threats are outside your shelter. A 36 x 80 inch door will be about 650 pounds without concrete and about 1700 pounds when filled with concrete.

The massive hinges have one and a half inch shafts captured by bronze bushings that are press fit into steel blocks and are packed with grease – and they feature grease zerks so that you can keep them lubricated for smooth, effortless opening. The hinges alone weigh 30 pounds per leaf.

The doors are shipped by LTL freight. We can specify that the delivery truck has a drop gate so the delivery is on the ground exactly where you want it. You must ensure that there is adequate turn around room. We’ve placed a lot of these doors in industrial applications: chemical plants, foundries, ordnance storage magazines, ordnance testing ranges, refuge chambers, and even a rhinoceros enclosure at a zoo.

If you have an application that needs to protect from, or to contain a detonation, please contact our staff.
Please contact our shipping dept for LTL freight cost to your facility 856-823-1177

NOTE: Sale of any door or accessories IS NOT COMPLETE until a LTL freight cost has been added to the total invoice!