NAR Combat Application Tourniquet C-A-T Gen 7

NAR Combat Application Tourniquet C-A-T Gen 7

NAR Combat Application Tourniquet C-A-T Gen 7

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Product Summary

Combat Application Tourniquet C-A-T Gen 7

Available colors: Black, Blue and Orange

Model: GEN 7 (newest version)

The C-A-T® is the 1st choice of the U.S. Army, the Army Surgeon General, and the Army Institute of Surgical Research.

The Combat Application Tourniquet® (C-A-T®) is a small and lightweight one-handed tourniquet that completely occludes arterial blood flow in an extremity.

The CAT Tourniquet is a priority first aid device for preppers, survivalist , campers and packing your bug out bag.

The C-A-T® uses a Self-Adhering Band and a Friction Adapter Buckle to fit a wide range of extremities combined with a one-handed windlass system.

The windlass is then locked in place; this requires only one hand, with the Windlass Clip™.

The C-A-T® also has a Hook-and-Loop Windlass Strap™ for further securing of the windlass during patient transport.

Police men and women across the U.S. not only fight crime, but also respond to serious automobile and household accidents.

As a first responder, they know they may have to administer initial first aide to injured victims.

The C-A-T® tourniquet is in their medical kit, and ready for application.
It can happen in seconds, a life threatening blood loss injury must be stopped or death may be imminent.

The police responder helps to save yet another life with the aide of the military approved C-A-T® tourniquet. Training is simple, the product is light weight (59 grams) and easy to spot in the supply bag.

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