ArmorCore Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels

Product Summary

ArmorCore Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels

How to Stop a Bullet…

Personal security is an issue of increasing importance, as more families and businesses become
aware of the threat of armed intrusion.

With crime in America increasing at an alarming rate and the incidences of violence occurring closer
to home, ArmorCore® can also be used to protect those most precious and dear to you – your family
and co-workers.

More than a solution for “doomsday” planning, the same ArmorCore® ballistic resistant panels that
protect security-risk locations, including money rooms, courtrooms, cashier areas, and military
personnel carriers can be effectively used to create a Safe Room in your home or office.

Grid Security
Public / Government
Law Enforcement
Schools / Education

Available in many sizes up to
Carrying a Class IV “Forced Entry Protection” rating per ASTM
standard F1233-98, ArmorCore® panels are an ideal choice
for residential safe rooms or panic rooms, providing
protection from bullets, while also defending against
room entry from sledgehammers, cutting tools and
even a propane torch!

Unique benefits of ArmorCore® panels include:
• UL Listed at all 8 levels of the UL 752 Standard
• No Electrical Conductivity
• No Radio/Cellular Electronic Signal Blockage
• Easy To Install With Conventional Tools
• Effective Delay Against Forced Entry
• Low Wicking – preventing build-up of mold
• Non-Toxic Materials – no Formaldehyde
• Available in Panel Sizes up to 5’ x 10’

Available: Class 1-8
Sheet Sizes: Standard 4′ x 8′ and up to 5′ x 10′

ArmorCore® bullet-resistant panels are an ideal Safe Room solution for:
■ Home Safe Rooms ■Panic Rooms ■Office Security Rooms
■ Secure Doors ■Storage Security ■Hotel Safe Rooms

Combining woven-roving fiberglass with
resin, ArmorCore® panels capture the
ballistic projectiles in a process called
ply-delamination without ricochet
or spalling.

ArmorCore® panels deliver superior security
against bullets and blast fragments.
Through a proprietary manufacturing process, ArmorCore®
panels are precision-assembled and cured in a press with
heat and pressure, maintaining quality and consistency.

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