Augason Farms Cornmeal – 34 lb. Pail

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Augason Farms Cornmeal – 34 lb. Pail

About this item
Great for everyday use and emergency food storage
367 servings per pail
34 lb. sealed pail
Up to a 30 year shelf life*
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Augason Farms Cornmeal is indispensable in making delightful, moist cornbread or corn muffins, as well as other uses. Use this versatile product to make tortillas, polenta and muffins. It’s especially tasty and useful as a batter for deep frying. Or how about tamale pie, cornmeal pancakes, even cornmeal French toast? Spread it onto your favorite pizza crust bottom before baking to add flavor and prevent sticking. Cornmeal is ideal for long-term storage. When properly packaged, it easily retains its goodness and nutritional value. It’s a staple you can count on. High in carbs and fat-free, cornmeal is the ideal energy food, a plus in a demanding, ongoing crisis.

From their family to yours, Augason Farms has been producing the best food storage for two generations. With over four decades of experience formulating and manufacturing great-tasting and nutritious products, they meet or exceed all your food storage and emergency preparedness needs. Quality is their watchword. It’s delicious peace of mind.

No preservatives added
No refrigeration needed
Perfect for adding to a variety of recipes
Durable airtight pail keeps food fresh and dry
BPA-free packaging
Convenient carrying handle
Augason Farms products contain oxygen absorbers to help maintain product safety, freshness, and extend shelf life by removing excess oxygen from the package.

Best when stored in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F (ideal humidity of 15%).

Please allow 3 week, special order