Bison Shallow Water Well Hand Pump – 3″ Diameter Body

Bison Shallow Water Well Hand Pump &8211 3&8243 Diameter Body

Bison Shallow Water Well Hand Pump - 3" Diameter Body

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Product Summary

Bison Shallow Water Well Hand Pump – 3″ Diameter Body


Bison Shallow Well Hand Pumps are made from stainless steel and have a 31’ vertical lift capability* and can pressurize a tank. They are self-priming and require no routine maintenance. Bison Pumps warranties these pumps with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Pumps have been tested to this depth in a laboratory setting. Every pump’s suction lift will vary due to the installation’s sea level and fluctuations in static water level. Therefore, installing a pump with static water levels between 25’ and 31’ cannot be guaranteed.

24” tall with 7” base flange
3” diameter body
22 pounds
3-position handle
Bucket hook
Hand-polished stainless steel finish
Yield: 20 ounces
Inlet Connection: 2” FIPS
Spout Connection: 1” FIPS thread

Shallow Well Options and Accessories
Check Valve Only – BPN-330C
Custom Camo Coating
Pressurizing Kit – BP-PK
Quick Disconnect Mount – SW-QD
Quick Disconnect Mount – Well Adaptor
Custom Handle – BPH-24SW1-WTP
“S” Handle – BPH-36S
Specialty Handle – BPH-24SW1-C
Water Transfer Printing – Water Transfer Printing

The best investment for your water. When it comes to safeguarding access to your water, a Bison Pump is a smart investment which will last a lifetime.

NOTE: Piping and other accessories are not included, pump only.

Please contact our staff for pump details 856-823-1177