Bison NEW Utility Shallow Well Hand Pumps

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Bison NEW Utility Shallow Well Hand Pumps

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No Power Does Not Mean No Water, Install a Bison Pump Today!!

Solid construction & Hand Crafted in The USA!

Bison Pumps are precision manufactured using the finest 304 stainless steel which resists rust and corrosion and can operate in the harshest climates and conditions.

NEW! Utility SW Hand Pump – Order #: SWU-UTILITY Bison Utility Shallow Well Hand Pumps are used with a static water level 25’ or less vertical lift, mounting inside the home, or outdoor applications where freezing is not an issue.

These pumps are self-priming and self-draining.

This utility hand pump has a 2” diameter body and yields 11 ounces per stroke. Three position handle.
OPTIONS: check valve and adapter, pressurizing kit.

These pumps are self- priming and self-draining.
The spout comes standard with a pail hook and garden hose connection. The one-piece hand pump has a removable plug for glycol application and a 3-point multi-positioning handle.

Option: Screw-in hose Bib so it can be removed for permanent piping to the spout.

Pump details:
21” tall with 5” base flange
2” diameter body
12 pounds
3-position handle
No bucket hook
Hand-polished stainless steel finish
Yield: 6 -10 ounces per pump, want more water, please look over the larger pumps

Shallow Well Options and Accessories
Check Valve Only – BPN-330C
Custom Camo Paint
Pressurizing Kit – BP-PK
Quick Disconnect Mount – SW-QD
Quick Disconnect Mount – Well Adaptor
Custom Handle – BPH-24SW1-WTP
“S” Handle – BPH-36S
Specialty Handle – BPH-24SW1-C
Water Transfer Printing – Water Transfer Printing

The best investment for your water. When it comes to safeguarding access to your water, a Bison Pump is a smart investment which will last a lifetime.

NOTE: Piping and other accessories are not included, pump only.