BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vests for an Unbeatable Price…Stop a 44 Mag!

BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vests for an Unbeatable Price&8230Stop a 44 Mag

BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vests for an Unbeatable Price...Stop a 44 Mag!

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BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vests for an Unbeatable Price…Stop a 44 Mag!

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A Great Bulletproof Vest at an Unbelievable Price. The BulletSafe Vest offers class IIIA (3A) protection to stop almost any handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum and is available for the unbeatable price of $319.99

BulletSafe offers you a great bulletproof vest that you can afford. Order yours today.

What is class IIIA and why is it the right vest for me? Level IIIA (3A) is typically the highest level of protection you will find in soft armor. Our vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum. Most gun violence is committed with hand guns so choosing a BulletSafe Vest is a smart move.

Is this the best bulletproof vest on the market? Yes, especially when you consider that the BulletSafe vest is affordable to more people than any other bulletproof vest.

Another note on bulletproof vest sizing: Your bulletproof vest needs to fit in one main areas: around your navel. The length of the vest is not important as you can use the shoulder straps to adjust it, only be concerned with diameter of your midsection. If you are a thin man with a large belly try to order at the top of your size range so that you can fasten the vest around your mid-section. If you are a competitive cyclist with large legs and a slender waist, order at the bottom of your size range.

What bullets can this vest protect against? A Class IIIA vest can protect against almost all handgun rounds. IIIA vests (ours included) are tested with bullets up to a .44 Magnum, which is a really powerful round. This vest will protect again smaller rounds as well. We are quite comfortable in saying that a class IIIA vest will protect you from almost any handgun you will encounter and certainly any handgun that someone conceals. Handgun violence makes up most of the shooting injuries in the US, so this bulletproof vest offers a great level of protection for you.

Add Ballistic Plates
The BulletSafe Ballistic Plate upgrades your vest to class IV protection. Each ballistic plate is 10″x12″ and made from a ceramic of alumina and high strength polyethylene. $189.99 for each plate (vest hold front and back plates)

What won’t it protect against? No vest will protect against every bullet, and a IIIA vest won’t protect against heavy rifle fire without added armor plates. That is why our vest has front and rear plate pockets and why we sell ballistic plates as well.

The BulletSafe vest is available in six sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 4XL.

Almost anyone can order a bulletproof vest from us. We can ship vests to 49 states (not Connecticut, and not internationally). Unless you have a felony conviction, you can legally order and own a bullet proof vest. The law does not limit your ability to be safe.

Who buys bulletproof vests. Bulletproof vests are popular for police officers, security personnel, repo men, investigators, pawn brokers, gas station attendants, avid shooters, hunters, preppers, and anyone else who wants to protect themselves from danger.

Why is it a vest? The bulletproof vest has evolved into a vest shape to protect your most vital organs and keep you alive if there is an incident. Body armor is most comfortable when it is lightweight and you can move freely. For these reasons, a vest without a collar is the best configuration.

What are the pouches on the front and back for? If you ever decide that you want protection from rifle rounds or heavier weaponry, you’ll need to acquire ballistic plates. We have a great plate at a great price as well and it fits perfectly in these pockets.

The Bulletsafe bulletproof vest really is a great vest. No shortcuts were taken when creating this bullet resistant vest. We use the same high strength polyethylene fabric as other companies and we use the same manufacturing methods. Our body armor is just as resistant to fatigue, sun, and moisture. The vest carrier is just as sturdy as the best vests anywhere. We sell a great bulletproof vest at an unbelievable price.

Bulk pricing available upon request 856-823-1177