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Guardian Security Underground Shelter Kits

This underground shelter kit comes with a complete set of plans, steel ceiling trusses, all pre cut and formed rebar, ventilation pipes, blast valves, NBC air filtration system and riser blast hatch with ladder to develop all critical components that go into a bomb shelter.

This bunker kit provides all of the critical components of a true steel reinforced concrete underground bunker. You purchase the heavy (expensive to ship) concrete and blocks locally.

Then you follow the comprehensive manual and construct your bunker. What sets this system apart is the integrated design and manufacture process that decreases the cost and build time while increasing the strength and features. The steel I-beam trusses allow you to pour the concrete ceiling without erecting temporary cribbing. The steel trusses stay embedded in the ceiling giving additional strength over and above what rebar can normally provide.

See how affordable a steel reinforced concrete underground shelter can be.

These prices include:
7 steel trusses with all brackets and fasteners.
All the cut and formed rebar for the floor, walls and ceiling.
A riser hatch.
A complete blast protected NBC air filtration system.
60″ or 72″ intake and outflow steel ventilation pipes.
Electrical, water and septic ceiling penetrations.

* The pricing for the locally purchased items and labor may vary.
** There may be other costs associated with installing a shelter which include: permit fees, electrical service, water and septic pipes, and costs associated with unknown underground obstructions.

Please contact our staff for price and shipping on underground shelter kits
Series 100 – 8′ x 20′ inside dimensions
Series 300 – 12′ x 20′ inside dimensions

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