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Decorative Bullet Resistant Doors, Windows & Frames UL 752 Levels 1-6

Hollow metal BR Doors and Frames, windows and storefront systems are available in a wide variety of options to suit both your aesthetic and security requirements.

With our relationships in the manufacturing industry we deliver the greatest quality Bullet Resistant Products with quick lead times to help our clients complete any residential or commercial projects on time and spec.

Decorative Treatment
Wood Veneers
Glass Lite
Solid panel
Bulletproof commercial entrance systems
Bullet Resistant Glass
Deal Tray

Additional hybrid options that can be incorporated into our flush or decorative doors include: UL bullet resistance, blast resistance and acoustical sound control all in one door. Depending on the individual design criteria, all features may or may not be available. Consult us with your project specific needs to determine availability.

Available Doors:
2P HD Soft Arch With Planks
3 Panel
6 Panel HD
9 Panel

Our Bullet Resistant Doors and frames are designed by certified engineers. You will receive a submittal package with shop drawings that show the design and specs for the door, frame and hardware location. Once we receive the signed off drawings we can complete the fabrication process. Lead time on our Bullet Resistant doors. 5-6 weeks.

The term “bulletproof” is widely but incorrectly used. No hollow metal materials are considered bulletproof, only bullet resisting for a specified charge and projectile. Ballistic performance (resistance) is based on Performance Levels as specified in UL-752 standards published by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. This Document specifies the method of conducting the tests, the projectile, the weight of the charge, the velocity (speed) of the projectile and the number & location of the impacts.

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