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Spec Operator Side Kick Trauma Pouch w/ CAT Tourniquet
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The Spec Operator Side Kick IFAK with External CAT Tourniquet and EMT Shears Pouch,

The CAT Tourniquet is purposely mounted on the exterior for fast deployment. The Condor Sidekick pouch is a low profile, versatile, IFAK utility pouch stocked with bandaging, hemostatic gear and other first aid accessories.

IFAK can be mounted to any tactical vest, pack or gear with Molle. Great for Police, Military Personnel and First Responders. The para-cord creates a 90 degree angle and makes a good work station.

Your IFAK Kit:
(1) Condor Side kick IFAK Pouch
(1) Tourniquet and EMT Shear Pouch w/ Molle
(1) CAT Tourniquet GEN 7 Black
(1) Celox X Rapid Hemostatic Gauze
(1) NAR 4″ ETD Dressing
(1) Hyfin Chest Seal Compact Twin Pack
(1) 7.5″ Black EMT Shears
(2) Pair NAR Black Talon Nitrile Glove – Large

All medical gear is factory sealed and freshly dated.
Colors: OD, Black, Slate, Coyote Brown and Multicam…”We Got Your 6″