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World Gone Silent – Ham Radio Individual Kit

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There’s a second network that exists in every major city in the US, lying mostly unused, and available to anyone. With a cell-phone sized amateur radio, you can communicate dozens of miles away in an instant.

The magic lies in “repeaters” – powerful stations built by avid volunteers that boost your signal and beam it out in all directions. These repeaters are often installed at the highest point in the area, meaning that no matter where you are, many more people can hear your voice.

WORLD GONE SILENT is the easiest way to gain access to this secondary communications network that is hidden in plain sight.

You’ve done the planning, and you know WHAT to do if things go south. But how will you be sure everyone in your group is aware?

Are you pinning your hopes on your cellphone?

Amateur radio provides a way to communicate independent of our fragile cell phone networks, and provides a secondary way to reach the people you care about when traditional systems fail.

Don’t be fooled by people who say ‘just buy the book!’ or “just get a radio!” Those guys want to keep these precious airwaves to themselves, and hope you’ll get intimidated and give up.

We’ve analyzed all the learning systems and gear on the market and compiled the very best tools to get you into the hobby, without getting overwhelmed by details.

Our transceivers have been individually tested and programmed to ensure you don’t end up with a dud, and all our gear is guaranteed to maximize your capabilities in any situation.

Included in each kit are:
Our quick-start manual with all the practical info to get started fast
ONE pre-programmed, quality tested radio
ONE subscription to Ham Test Online to learn the material and get FCC licensed
ONE antenna upgrade and AAA Battery case
Quality-tested programming cable and a discrete military style backpack
Knowledge is power, safety, and confidence. Join us, place your order, and get started with your hands-on education in communications!