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Combat Medical Control Cric™ Trainer Sustainment Set

The Control-Cric™ Trainer Sustainment Set is packaged identically to the sterile product ensuring procedural standardization and to promote muscle memorization of critical tasks. This low cost solution is ideal for unit level skills sustainment training of this lifesaving task.

The Cric-Key™ is the CoTCCC named and preferred surgical cricothyrotomy device. The Control-Cric™ Trainer is the only commercially available training system that contains the Cric-Key™ and Cric-Knife™.

The Control-Cric™ Trainer Sustainment Set contains:

– Cric-Key™ Trainer (20) – Removal Wedge (2)

– Cric-Knife™ Trainer (20) – Instructions For Use (2)

– 20ml Syringe (2) – Surgical Lubricant (144)

– Securing Strap (2)

Control-Cric™ Trainer Sustainment Set

PN 13-500S
NSN: 6910-01-672-9292
Gov’t Open Market Price: $2736.00
Per use cost: $27.36 (approx.)
Designed to provide 100 training evolutions
Bulk components to be packaged and repackaged on-site
Training Use Only – Not For Human Use
Dimensions: 10”L x 8”H x 8”D
Weight: 4.6 lbs
Available Direct, Prime Vendor, and ECAT
Made in USA