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FAST-ACT Decontamination Pressurized Cylinders

Product Description

FAST-ACT (First Applied Sorbent Treatment Against Chemical Threats) is a chemical hazard containment and neutralization system for liquid and vapor chemical spills and releases. The FAST-ACT pressurized cylinder is available in 1 kg, 2kg, and 4kg sizes, offering a solution for vapor and liquid chemical releases in both enclosed and large spaces. Wall-mounts and vehicle mounts for the FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder are also available, allowing for safe and convenient storage near any potential hazards.

Available Cylinder Size:
Catalog #: FA015-1000-00NS (1KG)
Catalog #: FA015-2000-00NS (2KG)
Catalog #: FA015-4000-00NS (4KG)

FAST-ACT® is a proprietary formulation of non-toxic high-performance specialty materials effective at neutralizing a wide range of toxic chemicals with the added capability to destroy chemical warfare agents. FAST-ACT is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and significantly reduces both liquid and vapor hazards. Since the dry powder neutralizes threats upon contact, on-site incident management and clean up times are reduced.

FAST-ACT is offered in pressurized cylinders capable of addressing both liquid and vapor hazards, manually dispersed containers for liquid hazard treatment, and mitts for equipment and small scale decontamination. FAST-ACT can be safely applied to any liquid spill or vapor release enabling Emergency Responders to utilize one technology when faced with a wide variety of known or unknown chemical hazards.

We offer the product in a variety of delivery systems for different needs. These include:

Pressurized Cylinders
Shaker Bottles
Bulk Pails
Decontamination Mitts

FAST-ACT Decon Mitt is available for individual sale or in an 80 count case.