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The “Advanced Spec Operator Rip-Away Military IFAK” (Individual First Aid Kit), Our kit is currently being used by US border patrol, law enforcement, several state and federal government agencies.The Condor MA41 Rip Way EMT Pouch with Molle carries all your 1st aid gear. The pouch is designed to be rip-away from the modular platform when needed, and the strap on the platform keeps it from falling off accidentally. The Rip-Away design gives the ability to utilize the bag in place or “rip” it away for easier access or even to transfer items to another medic. Medical contents are sealed and freshly dated. Medical contents, all the items necessary for wound management. Available Colors: OD, Tan, Red Coyote Brown and Multicam ($$) Drop Leg Platform available for these units as well (Optional$$)

Contents include:

(1) Condor MA41 Rip-Away Pouch
(1) Quikclot 25g Combat Gauze,
(1) C-A-T Tourniquet (Black),
(1) 4″ Israeli Bandage,
(1) Pair Nitrile Examination Gloves,
(1) Sterile Compression Gauze,
(1) EMT Shears,
(1) Surgical Tape 1″ x 12′,
(1) Lip Treatment,
(1) 3″ Self Adherent Bandage,
(1) Triangular Bandage

Condor Drop Leg Platform (optional $$, see price variation at check out)