Products: First Aid Tactical

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Facilitates conductive, convective, and evaporative cooling

Allows for full access to the body while cooling

Adheres to current National Athletic Trainers’ Association and U.S. Army protocols for heat illness treatment

The Polar Skin Head & Neck Cooling System™ consists of the Polar Skin Cooling blanket and the Polar Skin Cooling Collar™. It is a comprehensive approach to direct cooling of the cranium and the carotid artery.

Features of Polar Skin Technology

Polar Skin Mini-Mesh™
(n.) A unique smart textile treated with a hydrofunctional polymer. Fiber construction allows for liquid absorptive capacity 350% greater than basis weight.

(n.) A proprietary solution that prevents rigidity well below 0°F while providing the requisite moisture to support evaporative, convective, and conductive cooling.