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Combat Medical ResQPOD® Impedance Threshold Device

When treating cardio respiratory arrest on the battlefield, the Advanced Circulatory® ResQPOD® Impedance Threshold Device regulates pressure in the thorax and prevents unnecessary air from entering the chest during CPR, creating a vacuum that pulls more blood back into the heart, resulting in better casualty outcomes.

The ResQPOD®, part of Combat Medical Systems’ MARCH™ Medical Gear, enhances circulation during basic or advanced life support CPR. This simple non-invasive device regulates pressure in the chest, improves blood flow to the heart and brain, and provides Perfusion on Demand (POD). In clinical studies, use of the ResQPOD® increased blood flow to the brain by 50%3 and blood flow to the heart by 100%.2 ResQPOD® has also demonstrated an increase in neurologically-intact survival of 25% or more.1

Timing lights guide proper compression and ventilation rates, promoting high quality CPR. ResQPOD® helps circulate drugs more effectively and does not restrict patient ventilation or exhalation.

PN: 37-200-10, NSN: 6515-01-535-4139 (Package of 10)
PN: 37-200, NSN: No NSN for Single Unit Sale

2X Blood Flow to the heart4
Neurologically-Intact Survival increases by 25% or more1
Accurate Compression and Ventilation Times
Timing assist lights promote proper compression and ventilation rates during CPR
Compatible with all airway adjuncts (e.g. facemask, ET tube)
Pressure-sensing valve enhances the vacuum in the chest to augment blood flow to the vital organs
Low cube
100% more blood flow to the heart2 during CPR
50% more blood flow to the brain3
Increase in neurologically-intact survival rates of 25% or more1
Doubled systolic blood pressure levels5 to circulate drugs more effectively
Increased the likelihood of successful defibrillation
Provides benefits in all arrest rhythms
Recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA)

PN: 37-200-10, NSN: 6515-01-535-4139 (Package of 10)
PN: 37-200, NSN: No NSN for Individual Sale
Unit Dimensions
Packaged: 3″x 2”x 2”
Unit Weight: 3oz.
Available Direct, Prime Vendor, ECAT, CEC and GSA
100% TAA Compliant
Made in USA