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Combat Medical SILVAPRO™

SILVAPRO™ Antibacterial Burn Dressing provides dual antibacterial barrier properties and sustained cooling to the tissue. SILVAPRO™ is a soft, sterile, non-woven viscose dressing containing chitosan and silver and is easy to apply as a dry dressing. It is indicated for the management of 1st and 2nd degree burns (partial thickness wounds). The dressing can be soaked with water or saline after application creating a soft cohesive gel that conforms to the body while the cooling effect can provide significant pain relief. SILVAPRO™ is offered in two convenient size configurations.

Covers, Cools, Protects
Pre-hospital management of 1st and 2nd degree burns
Dual antibacterial barrier of Chitosan and ionic Silver
Continues to kill bacteria in dressing up to 7 days when kept moist
Each dressing contains nominally 0.75% by weight of ionic silver
Dry burn cover – does not contain any liquids; cools the burn on wetting
Non adherent
Lightweight / Low Cube
Provides sustained cooling up to 4 hours when wet

PN: 38-200 (5” x 5’)
Gov’t Open Mkt Price: $65.00 ea
Covers up to 9% TBSA – approximately one arm or leg
PN: 38-210 (5”x 9”)
Gov’t Open Mkt Price: $10.50 ea
Covers up to 2% TBSA – enough to cover the outside or palm of a hand
FDA (510K) Cleared
Meets TCCC guidelines
Sterile / Latex-Free
Shelf Life: 48 months
100% TAA Compliant