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EDC Trauma Rescue Kit w/2 High Visibility Orange CAT Tourniquets

The EDC Trauma Rescue Kit begins with the rugged Condor EDC Bag. The multiple compartments, Webbing on both side for modular attachments and adjustable straps make it a perfect “grab and go” trauma pack for police, EMT’s, first responders, schools and crisis first aid preparedness.

(1) Condor EDC Bag – Black
(2) High Visibility Orange CAT Tourniquets – Gen 7
(2) Celox Z Fold 5′ Hemostatic Gauze
(2) NAR 6″ ETD “Emergency Trauma Dressings”
(1) NAR 8″ x 10″ Abdominal Bandage
(2) NAR S-Rolled Gauze
(1) Sharpie Pen for Tourniquet Time Indication
(2) NAR Hyfin Chest Seals Compact Twin Pack
(2) Pair NAR Black Talon Nitrile Glove – Large
(1) Sugical Tape
(1) Decompressiom Needle kit 14 Gauge
(1) 7.5″ EMT Shears
(1) Nasopharyngeal Airway 28F with Lubricant
(1) Red Cross Medical Indicator Patch w/ Velcro

All products are factory sealed and freshly dated.

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