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Combat Medical Battle Wrap®

The MARCH™ Battle Wrap® is a clear, non-slip, tear resistant, tactical compression wrap that allows visualization of bleeding, while providing circumferential pressure to the wound. Battle Wrap is extremely strong, self-adhering and ultra-thin; when used in conjunction with a hemostatic it can amplify a pressure dressing application.

Battle Wrap® is a high-performance compression wrap for use as an adjunct in hemorrhage control. It is transparent to allow full visualization and rapid reassessment of underlying wounds. Battle Wrap is strong and exceeds the holding power of traditional compression wraps and does not shred or delaminate in the most challenging environments. The medical grade adhesive is self –adhering, non-irritating and leaves no residue on the skin.

TRANSPARENT for rapid reassessment
STRONG and flexible for quick application
SELF-ADHERING and non-slip; no clips or ties required
6-foot roll packs with minimal cube
Leave no residue on skin
Self-adhering and non-slip. No clips or ties required
Tested to 5000psi tensile strength, 550% elongation at break
Clear, flexible, extremely strong
Visibility allows for rapid wound reassessment
Provides optimal pressure to wound
Simple application ensures proper use by responders of any skill level
Unique adhesive properties are non-irritating and do not leave residue on skin
Protects the wound and exposed skin from external contaminants

NSN: 6515-01-612-8229 (Box of 10)
PN: 02-001
FDA Listed, ISO 13485 and cGMP Compliant
6-year shelf life
Exceeds MILSTD 810G for Temp Tolerance
5000psi tensile strength; 550% elongation at break
Unit Dimensions
Packaged: 4.5”x 1”
Useable: 6′ x 4″
Unit Weight: 1.7oz
150 micron clear polymer
Not made with natural rubber latex
Available Direct, Prime Vendor, ECAT and GSA
100% TAA Compliant
Made in USA