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Echo-Sigma Zombie Outbreak Get Home: SOG Special Edition

Color: Red. Black or Tan

The Echo-Sigma Zombie Outbreak SOG Special Edition is a midsized disaster preparedness kit that is perfectly suited to keep on hand in your office, dorm room or the trunk of your car.

The SOG Special Edition Get Home Bag comes packed with all of your favorite SOG tools and blades:
SOG S62 Multi Tool
SOG Seal Pup Fixed Blade Knife
SOG Escape Folding Knife with glass breaker and belt cutter
SOG FastHawk
SOG Jungle Primitive with Nylon Sheath
HL23 LED 150 Lumen Headlamp
Compact Trauma Kit
This is, of course, in addition to all of the regular great life saving features of our Get Home Bag!

Pre-configured and ready means:
Packaging removed from all items.
Documentation consolidated into water tight packaging.
All items arranged, organized and stowed. Ready for fast access in case of emergency.

1 Compact Backpack
1 Hydration System (2.5 Liter) by Condor Outdoor
1 Echo-Sigma 1-3 Day Provision Pack (Arid) (View Contents)

The Echo-Sigma Compact Provision Pack that comes standard is designed to feed one adult 2400 calories per day for one to three days (depending on activity level). Also included is 5 year storage emergency water. We use AquaBlox and Mainstay brand drinking water products.

If an extended state of emergency is anticipated and resupply unlikely, these supplies could be rationed for up to 3 days if water and energy discipline is high.

6 Food Ration Bars (400 Calories each and nutritionally fortified)
2.5 Liters of 5 Year Storage Pure Drinking Water
Paper Napkins
No storage requirements

We use both AquaBlox and Mainstay brand drinking water products depending upon availability. Pack contents may differ from what is shown.

Echo-Sigma 1 Day Provision Pack (Arid)
1 Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit (View Contents)

A compact storehouse of many of the smaller items that can be easily lost if not given extra consideration. The Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit packs quite a punch when it comes to utility and efficiently using pack space.

1 Compass
1 Emergency Whistle
1 Emergency Blanket by Coghlan’s
1 BIC Brand Butane Disposable Lighter
1 Magnesium Fire Starter with Flint Striker
40 Waterproof Matches by Coghlan’s
1 Live Fire Sport Emergency Fire Starter
50 Inches of Duct Tape
1 Bottle of Water Purification Tablets by Coghlan’s
2 Chemical Light Sticks by Coghlan’s
2 BIC Brand Ball Point Pens
1 Pad of Paper
1 Set of Earplugs

1 Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit (View Contents)

Having quickly accessible first aid is key to taking care of yourself and being self reliant in the event of an emergency. Every Echo-Sigma Emergency Bug-Out-Bag comes with a first aid kit that is stuffed with the tools you need to take care of the most common ailments that you’ll run into in an emergency. Packed with features yet still light in weight in case you need to move on foot.

1 4″ scissors
1 3″ tweezers
1 first aid card
20 plastic bandages
12 alcohol swabs
10 wet wipes
10 antiseptic swabs
3 sting relief swabs
4 pain relief tablets
2 3″x3″ sterile gauze pads
1 2″x5yd. gauze roll
1 5″x9″ sterile abdominal dressing
1 0.5″x2.5yd. roll of tape
1 disposable CPR faceshield
Access to 14 exclusive online training videos

Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit
1 SOG S62 Multi Tool (View Details)

During emergencies one frequently will need to turn, screw, cut, pry or file something in order to accomplish an important task. Having the right tool on hand can mean the difference between success and failure.

One of the most important pieces of gear that you will need at your fingertips during an emergency is a good, solid flashlight. Staying safe and productive during nighttime hours is essential, these are the tools you’ll need.
50 Feet of Military Grade 550 Paracord (View Details)

550 Grade Military Grade Paracord is one of the most versatile items that you can carry with you in any situation. Legendary for its many uses, you shouldn’t leave home without it. The 550 in the designation denotes its rated strength (550lbs). The outer shell is rated for 200lbs while the 7 internal strands are rated for 50lbs each.

Lashing items to vehicles or packs
Ascending or descending slopes
Building wind breaks or supplemental shelters using sheeting or tarps
Hanging food or other “bear bait” up in a tree
Clothes drying line
Slings for injured limbs
Compression for wound care
Snares and traps
Shoelaces, belts and suspenders
Fishing line (internal strands)
Sewing thread (internal strands)
Temporary vehicle fan belt
Replacement zipper pull tabs
The list goes on and on.

10 Extra Large Zip Ties (View Details)

Sometimes it’s the least likely thing that becomes invaluable when you’re out in the field.

Zipties can …
Secure tent shell to poles
Attach items to your vehicle or pack
Temporarily fix buckles or other attachment points
Fix snapped zipper pulls
Secure zipper pulls together to “lock” a bag against the unprepared thief
Plastic bag closure/seal

1 Coghlan’s Emergency Tube Tent
1 Emergency Poncho
1 Plexiglass Mirror for signaling help
1 Thermal Sleeping Bag Cocoon by Survival Industries
6 Premium AA Alkaline Batteries (guaranteed fresh for 7 years)
1 Pair Leather Work Gloves
2 N95 Rated Respirator Masks
1 Pair of Protective Goggles
2 Hand Warmers by Coghlan’s