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Celox Hemostatic Granules 15g or 35g Package

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Celox Granules Uses
Law Enforcement
Emergency Medical Services
Remote Medicine

Proven hemostatic control.
Celox™ Granules can stop severe bleeding fast.

Safe, easy to use, cost effective and capable of applying to a variety of different wounds
No Exothermic reaction – Does not generate heat
Works in hypothermic conditions and clots heparinized blood
Simple operation – Tear open, pour, press, pack
Celox™ has been proven to work on moderate to severe bleeding and has been extensively tested. In an independent trial by the US Navy, when compared to Quikclot* and gauze, Celox™ was the only product to give 100% survival and was also the only product to give robust clotting with no rebleeding7

Easy to use
The Celox™ Granules mold to the shape of the wound to get firm pressure on to the source of the bleeding even in complex shaped injuries.

Celox Granules have been shown to:

Save lives.
Reliably stop arterial bleeding.
Clot hypothermic blood.
Clot blood containing Warfarin or Heparin.
Use on:

Arterial and venous bleeding.
Moderate to severe bleeding.
Complex and deep wounds.
Coagulopathic casualties that may be cold or hypothermic or using anti-coagulant drugs like Warfarin or Heparin.
Celox has also been extensively safety tested, produces no heat and is non-allergenic14. The product is not minerals based and residual chitosan material breaks down in the body37, making Celox the safe, proven choice.

Celox granules are available in a 15g or 35g sachet for situations where every gram of weight saved is vital, still with enough material to treat a severe injury.

Celox is availble in bulk quantities, call or staff for pricing. 856-292-3645