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Chinook LIFE Station Kit for Schools and Business
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As Active Shooter incidents become more common, it has become clear that, to prevent innocent lives from being lost, bystanders must step in the provide bleeding control for the injured. This video will help you understand how regular civilians can help saves lives.

Chinook LIFE™ Kits allow bystanders to provide medical treatment on scene during the critical period of time between injury and arrival of medical professionals. These kits also provide on scene medical supplies for first responders.

• Treat severe bleeding, penetrating chest wounds & hypothermia
• Compact & Lightweight – fits in glove boxes, desk drawers, cargo pockets & more
• Product instructions enable minimally trained individuals to provide care
• Reusable training kits available

Available Models: Life Station Advanced and Life Station Basic

Life Station Advanced Contents
(1) Disposable Go Stretcher, 500 lb load capacity, 35″ x 71″
(5) Chinook LIFE™ Kit Advanced (each contains)
(1) Emergency/Survival Blanket
(4) Nitrile Glove, LG, Blue
(1) SWAT-T Tourniquet, Rescue Orange or CAT Tourniquet Gen 7
(1) Compressed Gauze
(1) Bolin Chest Seal
(1) Trauma Bandage, 4″
(1) Surgical Tape, 1″ x 1.5 yd

Life Station Basic
(1) Disposable Go Stretcher, 500 lb load capacity, 35″ x 71″
(5) Chinook LIFE™ Kit Basic, each contains:
(1) Product Instructions
(4) Nitrile Glove
(1) EMT Shears, 5.5″
(1) SWAT-T Tourniquet or CAT Tourniquet Gen 7
(1) Compressed Gauze
(1) Trauma Bandage, 6″

The Chinook LIFE™ Station is designed to house the Chinook LIFE™ Pack, which includes 5 Chinook LIFE™ Kits and an extraction litter, providing bystanders and first responders with the necessary medical supplies to treat life threatening injuries during that critical time interval between injury and the arrival of professional medical help. Designed specifically for use in an active shooter event, bombing, natural disaster, and other mass casualty incidents, the Chinook LIFE™ Station puts lifesaving supplies in the hands of people who can make the biggest difference, those already on scene.

The Chinook LIFE™ Station is a surface-mounted storage cabinet meant to be located in publically accessible areas, much like AED’s, inside schools, offices, and other buildings. The Chinook LIFE™ Station is identical to traditional AED cabinets, but specifically designed to house our Chinook LIFE™ Pack. Access the internal medical supplies by simply opening the station door and grabbing one, two, or more Chinook LIFE™ Kits, or grab the entire Chinook LIFE™ Pack. The Chinook LIFE™ Station also incorporates a security staple for tamper evident tag attachment. Please note that the wall mounting hardware is not included.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), under the Department of Homeland Security, along with other government agencies have validated and embraced the importance of having the proper medical supplies and kits available in public access areas. This empowers staff members, teachers, and bystanders to fulfill a greater role in saving lives during mass casualty and active shooter incidents.

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