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Warm Zone Kit
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As the practice of pushing medical personnel into the “warm zone” of a mass casualty scenario becomes more prominent, so has the need to equip these medics with the right tools for this challenging task. The TacMed™ Warm Zone Kit is designed for quick and efficient treatment and triage of victims in a mass casualty scenario. It can be worn around the waist, slung over the shoulder for rapid movement, or attached to a panel via the MOLLE attaching straps. The Warm Zone Bag utilizes an adjustable draw bridge system that allows the user to control how far the front flap opens, allowing easy access to the bag’s complete contents. The interior of the bag is completely modular, allowing the user to adjust supplies based on their specific preferences.

2x SOF® Tactical Tourniquet – Wide
2x 4″ OLAES® Modular Bandage, flat-packed
4x Printed Casualty Marking Tapes
5x Chem Lights
2x NPA w/ Lube
1x Fox Chest Seal
2x 2″ Tape
1x Marking Pen
Additional loops and inserts