Chinook Mass Casualty Critical Intervention Kit

Chinook Mass Casualty Critical Intervention Kit

Chinook Mass Casualty Critical Intervention Kit

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Chinook Mass Casualty Critical Intervention Kit

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The LEMK-MCCI Kit is a lightweight and compact medical kit that provides first responders with systematically organized medical supplies to triage and treat multiple casualties that occur in active shooter/mass casualty events. The LEMK-MCCI comes in our TMK-MO bag which features a main zipper pocket that folds flat upon opening for fast emergency response. Inside, the labeled compartments provide easy identification of medical modules organized for severe hemorrhage control, chest wounds, and basic airway tools. Designed to provide critical intervention on six patients the MCCI Kit also has enough supplies for supportive care in the case of additional causalities.

The recent mass casualty shooting events in America have had a profound effect on all segments of society. The medical, law enforcement, fire/rescue, and EMS communities have each felt the need to respond. Recognizing that active shooter and other mass casualty incidents can occur in any community, Chinook has developed the new Mass Casualty Critical Intervention (MCCI) Kit as a solution to equip first responders with the right medical supplies at the right time. As with all our Law Enforcement Medical Kits, the LEMK-MCCI draws from extensive military field experiences, lessons learned from battlefield medicine, and proven TCCC techniques to bring agencies the necessary gear to save lives.

GO BAGS 1, 2 & 3 (each contain)
(4) Nitrile Glove
(2) SWAT-T Tourniquet
(2) SOF Tactical Tourniquet, Wide
(2) Cinch Tight Bandage, 8”x10”
(2) Compressed Gauze
(2) Pressure Bandage
(1) CoFlex LF2, 2”x5 yd.
(2) Elastic Bandage Wrap, 3”x4.5 yd.
(1) Nasopharyngeal Airway w/ Lube, 28 Fr
(1) Oropharyngeal Airway, 90 mm
(2) Bolin Chest Seal
(2) Petroleum Gauze, 3”x9”
(1) EMT Shears, 7.25”
(1) Permanent Marker, Extra Fine Point
(1) Rapid Triage Ribbon Module
(1) CPR Mask w/ O2 Inlet
(2) Decompression Needle, 14Gx3.25”

(2) Combat Eye Shield
(2) Splint, Orange, 4.25”x36”
(4) Triangular Bandage

(2) Hand Sanitizer, 1 oz.
(4) Emergency/Survival Blanket

(2) Chem Light, Green, 12 Hr, 6”
(2) Chem Light, Red, 12 Hr, 6”
(2) Chem Light, Yellow,12-Hr, 6”

Size: 19″ x 12″ x 7.5″
Weight: 14 lb. 6.4 oz.
Available Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab & Multi-Cam

Bag is Berry Amendment Compliant and Made in USA

Please note we build this kit to order. Lead time is up to 2 weeks or greater. Purchase of this medical device requires that the user have supervision from a licensed medical practitioner. Ensuring this supervision is the purchaser’s responsibility. I verify that I accept these terms.