Chinook 6PAK First Aid Package

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The 6PAK include the GermPAK, WoundPAK, BurnPAK, MedsPAK, ToolPAK, and BleederPAK. Plus, get a FREE Emergency First Aid Pocket Guide!

Includes a FREE Emergency First Aid Pocket Guide!

We’ve taken our 20+ years of field medical experience with the US Military, Government and Law Enforcement and put it into this series of Personal Aid Kits. These lightweight kits are small enough to take anywhere but complete with the proper supplies for providing basic first aid. The Chinook 6PAK includes 6 treatment & equipment specific kits including:
Emergency First Aid Pocket Guide
All the Chinook PAKs feature a clear, waterproof, zip closure aLOKSAKĀ® capable of protecting your first aid items while allowing rapid visual identification and access to needed supplies

Medical Information
Emergency First Aid Pocket Guide

1 Biohazard Waste Bag
1 CPR Mask
2 Respirator Mask
4 Nitrile Glove, LG, BK
6 Personal Antimicrobial Wipe

1 Nitrile Glove, LG, BK
1 SWAT-T Tourniquet, Black
1 QuikClot Sport, 25 g
1 Bloodstopper Trauma Dressing
1 Compressed Gauze

1 Nitrile Glove, LG, BK
1 Burn Dressing, 2″x6″
2 Burn Dressing, 4″x4″
6 Burn Jel, 3.5 g
1 Surgical Tape, 1″x1.5 yd
2 Stretch Gauze, 3″x12 yd
1 Nitrile Glove, LG, BK
2 Trauma Pad, 5″x9″
1 30 Band-Aid, 6 Knuckle, 6 Moleskin
1 Povidone-Iodine, 22 mL
1 Stretch Gauze, 3″x12 yd
1 Surgical Tape, 1″x1.5 yd
1 Suture Strip Plus, 0.25″x4″
3 Non-Adherent Dressing, 3″x4″
4 Sterile Gauze Pad, 3″x3″
6 Personal Antimicrobial Wipe
6 Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
6 Hydrocortisone 1% Creme, 1.5 g
6 Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.9 g
1 Catheter Tip, 18 ga
1 Syringe, Sterile, 10 mL

6 Acetaminophen, 2/pk (Analgesic)
6 Aspirin, 2/pk (Analgesic)
6 Diamode, 1/pk (Anti-diarrheal)
6 Diotame, 2/pk (Stomach)
6 Diphen, 1/pk (Antihistamine)
6 Ibuprofen, 2/pk (Anti-inflammatory)
2 Oral Rehydration Salts, 12.5 g

1 Digital Thermometer
1 EMT Shears, 5.5″
1 Sharpie Marker
1 Tweezers
3 Safety Pins, 2″
1 Disposable Penlight
1 Flat Duct Tape, 1.89″x2 yd, OD