Echo-Sigma Active Shooter Response System ASRS

Echo-Sigma Active Shooter Response System ASRS

Echo-Sigma Active Shooter Response System ASRS

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Product Summary

Echo-Sigma Active Shooter Response System ASRS

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Designed in conjunction with Federal Law Enforcement officers, the Echo-Sigma Active Shooter Response System (ASRS) provides the tools and gear that you need to properly approach an Active Shooter scenario.
The patent pending Echo-Sigma ASRS instantly gears up a first responder to:

Engage an assailant
Manage the scene
Facilitate evacuation
Render emergency first aid care on-site

As with all critically acclaimed Echo-Sigma Emergency kits, your gear arrives at your door fully assembled and configured. ASRS is ready to be deployed on the spot.

Drawing on our experience building the best emergency kits in the world, we set out to design a system that combines capability, portability and economy.

While ASRS has a very specific mission, there is enough “emergency kit” left over for ASRS to serve double duty as an emergency survival kit as well. This multifaceted utility allows you to check off two “need” boxes with one robust system.

Your Active Shooter training will tell you exactly how you will need these specialized components that define the ASRS:
Double M4/Pistol combination magazine pouch
2 x ASP Tri-Fold disposable restraints w/pull rings pre-installed
ASP Restraint Holster
Echo-Sigma Trauma Kit v2 with multiple CAT tourniquets, shears, gauze and more
Tac-Med Poleless casualty evacuation litter
Advanced Wedge-It universal door stops
4 x Chem Lights in main pack (2 more in survival kit)
SOG Escape Folding Knife with integral glass breaker and seat belt cutter
SOG S44 Multi Tool
Fenix handheld tactical flashlight and headlamp
Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries
2 x N95 Dust/Particulate/Contagion Masks
Emergency Cocoon Sleeping Bag
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Bag Colors: Black & Coyote Tan