Echo-Sigma Emergency Get – Home – Bag

Echo-Sigma Emergency Get &8211 Home &8211 Bag

Echo-Sigma Emergency Get - Home - Bag

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Product Summary

Echo-Sigma Emergency Get – Home – Bag


The Echo-Sigma Get-Home-Bag is a mid-sized disaster preparedness kit that is perfectly suited to keep on hand in your office, dorm room or the trunk of your car.
Disaster seldom strikes at the time and place of our choosing.

With that in mind, the Echo-Sigma Emergency Get-Home-Bag (GHB) is designed to provide provisions and tools appropriate to help you get home (or other suitable shelter) should an emergency emerge while you are going about everyday life.

All items included in the GHB are pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box.

Pre-configured and ready means:
Packaging removed from all items.
Documentation consolidated into water tight packaging.
All items arranged, organized and stowed. Ready for fast access in case of emergency.

This is the kit that you’ve known you need.
Get it done now, get it done right with Echo-Sigma.

Back Pack Contents
1 Compact Backpack
1 Hydration System (2.5 Liter) by Condor Outdoor
1 Echo-Sigma 1-3 Day Provision Pack (Arid) (View Contents)
1 Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit (View Contents)
1 Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit (View Contents)
1 Gerber “Dime” Multi-Tool (View Details)
1 Waterproof LED Flashlight by Fenix (187 Lumen) (View Details)
50 Feet of Military Grade 550 Paracord (View Details)
10 Extra Large Zip Ties (View Details)
1 Coghlan’s Emergency Tube Tent
1 Emergency Poncho
1 Plexiglass Mirror for signaling help
1 Thermal Sleeping Bag Cocoon by Survival Industries
6 Premium AA Alkaline Batteries (guaranteed fresh for 7 years)
1 Pair Leather Work Gloves
2 N95 Rated Respirator Masks
1 Pair of Protective Goggles
2 Hand Warmers by Coghlan’s

Contact Off grid Warehouse for customized Echo-Sigma Kits 856-823-1177