Goal Zero Camping – Base Camp Solar Essentials Kit

Product Summary

Goal Zero Camping – Base Camp Solar Essentials Kit

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Includes: (1) Goal Zero Yeti 400 Power Pack, (1) Nomad 20 Solar Panel, (1) Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack, (2) Light a Life lamp, (1) Lighthouse 250 Lantern
The perfect solar kit for campers, adventurers, hikers, backpackers and outdoorsy people. Great for emergencies and disasters as well.

Weight: 40 Lbs

See clearly at night with the bright lighting from the included Lighthouse 250 Lantern and 2 pieces of Light a Life lamps

The Yeti 400 Power Pack can be charged from wall outlets, cars or with the Nomad 20 Solar Panel.

The power it acquires can be supplied to different kinds of gadgets like smartphones, DSLR cameras, tablets and laptops. Built with multiple output ports, the Yeti 400 can charge multiple devices at once.

The inclusion of the Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack in this portable solar power kit gives you an additional charging option for your electronics.

When all the output ports of the Yeti 400 are in use, the Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack has a slot where you can plug in USB powered devices and extend their running time.

Take the Guide 10 on a hike and have your AA Batteries and USB devices ready to go with this light weight package.