Humless 1500 Series 0.64kWh Portable Power Systems Solar Panel Bundle Package

Product Summary

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Humless 1500 Series 0.64kWh Portable Power Systems Solar Panel Bundle Package

Light, Versatile, Powerful for Home, Work and Play. All-in-one, portable power storage for your home, business or recreational needs. UPS capabilities to be truly off-grid with zero installation configuration. Plug and play with long-life (7yr+) expandable battery packs. Integrated solar, wind charge and discharge. Pure sine wave output.

1 – Foldable 100 Watt Solar Panels
1 – 0.64kWh Solar Generator
1 – High-Quality 21′ MC4 to AP Cable

The Renogy Solar Panel Suitcases combines 2 highly efficient 50W monocrystalline solar panels. This
system is specifically designed for mobile off-grid applications, where space and weight limitations
are abundant. The Solar Suitcase models support 12V deep cycle battery varieties such as
sealed, lead acid, gel, and flooded. With built-in tilting stands, these panels can be adjusted at
different angles to maximize the power output throughout the seasons.
Key Features
Adjustable corrosion resistant aluminum stand.
Heavy duty handle and latches for longevity
Convenient storage case for easy transportation.
Expandable with other solar suitcases based on space availability

AC Charger
AC charging model CC:Constant Current
CV:Constant Voltage
Input AC voltage 120+/-6V
Input AC frequency 60Hz±5%
Max.output DC current 25A
Max.output DC voltage 14.6Vdc
Over voltage protection Yes
Low voltage protection Yes
Max AC amperage protection Yes, self-limit
Temperature protection (hot/cold) No

DC Charger
DC input voltage
Max.output DC current
DC inputs Variable (solar, wind, other)
Max.output DC voltage 14.6Vdc
Over voltage protection Yes, auto-reset
Low voltage Protection Yes, auto-reset
Max DC amperage protection Yes, self-limit
Over temperature protection Yes, auto-reset
AC Out: Inverter
Output wave form/THD
Input DC voltage
PSW Pure sine wave / THD 3.82%
Output AC voltage 120+/-10V
Output AC frequency 60Hz±5%

Reliable Power Systems
The Information provided in this documentation contains general descriptions and/or technical characteristics of the performane of the products contain herein. This documentation is not intended as a substitute for and
is not to be used for determining suitability or reliability of the products for specific user applications. It is the duty of any such user or integrator to perform the appropriate and complete risk analysis, evaluation and
testing of the products with respect to the relevant specific application or use thereof. Neither Humless nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries shall be responsible or liable for misuse of the information contained herein.

AC Out: Inverter (Continued)
Inverter effciency (minimum) 88%
Max. consistant output power 1500W
Peak output power 1599W (5 seconds)
Startup peak power 115A for 300ms
Overload protection 1600W for <5 seconds
Over temperature protection Yes 100.2 C
Short protection Yes
By-pass functionality Yes, 110~130Vac / 57~63Hz
DC Out
DC output – Anderson connector
USB output
Voltage: 10.5~14.6
Current max: 20A
All DC Max = 38A
~5V @3A for each port,
Max. current for 4 ports is 8A
All DC Max = 38A
DC output – Cigarette socket Voltage: 10.5~14.6
Current max: 10A~20A
All DC Max = 38A
Battery (incl. BMS)
Battery type LFP
Battery standard voltage 12.8V
Battery volume
Battery Cycle Life
(100% DOD; 25 degrees Celcius)
Low Voltage Protection Yes
Battery standards
Battery max. charging current
AC & DC simultaneous charge
Max. total current = 40A (0.8C)
BMS shut down voltage 15.2V
LVP (battery) LVP: 10.0Vdc
Shutdown LVP: 9Vdc
Battery Expected Float Charge ~13.3 to 14.2
Internal System Power Consumption: OFF
(no charge, no discharge)
Internal System Power Consumption: OFF
(no charge, no discharge)
AC inverter switch ON but no AC load
@13Vdc ~ 0.01W/24Hr (
@13Vdc ~ 0.01W/24Hr (
Internal System Power Consumption: ON
(no charge, no discharge)
@13Vdc ~187W/24Hr (
Internal System Power Consumption: ON
(no charge, no discharge);
AC inverter switch ON but no AC load
@13Vdc ~ 530W/24Hr (~2A)

Application environment
Normal ambient temperature
25+/-5 °C
Case temperature < 55 °C full load discharging status
Normal ambient moisture <= 90%
Storage temperature 0~40 °C
Storage moisture <= 90%
Altitude 2,000m
Cooling Fan & Convection
Industrial Design Aluminium
255mm x 255mm x 355mm
Weight 15.6kg (34.5lbs)
FCC Conform to FCC Part 15 Subpart J Class B
CE Yes
UL Not certi
fed but UL standards used in design