Humless 1500 Series 1.3kWh Portable Power Systems

Product Summary

Humless 1500 Series 1.3kWh Portable Power Systems

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Powerful 1.5kW Solar Bypass. Light, Versatile, Powerful for Home, Work and Play. All-in-one, portable power storage for your home, business or recreational needs. UPS capabilities to be truly off-grid with zero installation configuration. Plug and play with long-life (7yr+) expandable battery packs. Integrated solar, wind charge and discharge. Pure sine wave output.

What makes this unit so special?
Portable (only 34 pounds)
Quiet (when the fan kicks on it sounds like a computer fan)
Safe (no fuel required so safe to use anywhere)
Convenient (can be charged and in use at the same time)
Long Lasting (you could charge and re-use this daily for 7-10 years)
Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery (leads to longer charges, many more cycles, and is lightweight)
Multiple Outputs (standard 120VAC outlets, USB, and 12 VDC)
User Friendly (display on top shows how much power you have left in hours and minutes)

Examples of what this will power:
Appliances (fridge, washing machine, furnace blowers)
Medical Equipment

How to charge:
Plug into the wall
Hand crank
Car battery

AC Charger
AC charging model
Input AC voltage
CC:Constant Current
CV:Constant Voltage
90~285 Vac
Input AC frequency 50Hz OR 60Hz (±5%)
Max. power output to battery 300W
Over voltage protection Yes
Low voltage protection Yes
Max AC amperage protection Yes, self-limit
Temperature protection (hot/cold) Yes/No
Efciency >93%
Power Factor >0.98

DC Charger
DC Inputs Variable (solar, wind, other)
Operating Vdc range/Peak range 12-80Vdc/48-80Vdc
Max. power output to battery 300 W (10Amp max)
Over voltage protection
Low voltage protection
Max amperage protection Yes, self-limit
Temperature protection (hot/cold) Yes/No
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Efciency >90%

AC Out: Inverter
Output wave form/THD
Grid-tied/Back-feed detect & shutdown
PSW Pure Sine Wave/ <4%
No; off-grid (NOT designed to auto-tie into grid)
Output AC voltage 120+/-10V / 220-240Vac
Output AC frequency 50-60Hz
Inverter efciency ≥88%
Max. consistant output power 1.5kWh
Peak output power 2kWh
Startup peak power 9.6kWh <500ms
Overload protection Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
Input reverse connection protection Yes
Output short protection Yes
By-pass functionality Yes, 120Vac (<30 ms)
Grid bypass 1.8kWh
Solar bypass 1.5kWh
120Vac/15Amp max; 240Vac/7.5Amp max
Low Voltage Protection Yes

Front panel
DC Input Voltage: 12-80Vdc
Max. Power in: 300W to battery/1.5kW to AC load
AC Input Voltage: 90-285Vac
DC output 1 Voltage: ~12Vdc
Current: max. 20A
DC output 2 4 x 2.1Amp USB

Battery (incl. BMS)
Battery type LFP
Battery standard voltage 48Vdc Nominal
Battery volume 30Ah
Manual Disconnect System from Battery Yes
Battery Standards UN38.3

Application environment Indoor OR outdoors in NEMA 4/5 enclosure
Normal ambient temperature 22+/-5 °C
Case temperature < 55 °C on full load discharging status
Normal ambient moisture <= 90%