JASPAK 300 Portable Power Solution

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JASPAK 300 Portable Power Solution

American Made!
JASPak Solar Generators

When the power is out, you need reliable back-up power capable of running your family-critical appliances and devices.
You need your refrigerator running – you need your mobile devices charged – you need information from television or radio and you will need lights!
The JASPak Solar Generator has you, and your family covered with safe and reliable back-up power that will keep you running!

JASPak Solar Generators use the latest in American made solar technology to bring you the premier solar generation package. Our JASPak 300 and JASPak 520 Solar Generators do what no other solar generator can do today – we recharge you in a few hours of sunshine!

Our industry leading 300 watt and 520 watt solar panels will generate more than enough power to not only keep you running during the day – but recharge your generator for continued use over-night.

JASPak Solar Generators are not 6 or 8 hour battery back-ups that take 24 or 30 hours to recharge – we are reliable back-up power for the duration! Designed for mobility, security and safety, the JASPak

Solar Generator will be the ONLY solution you will need for years of reliable service.

The following features are STANDARD on EVERY JASPak Solar Generator unit:

153Ah VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Solar Power Battery with a keyed Master on/off switch
1100 watt continuous/2200 watt surge pure sine wave inverter for serious power
4 120 volt outlets on a switch
12 volt sub-system with two 12v outlets and 3 USB charging ports on individual switches and fuses
Premium 12 volt battery charger/maintainer/desulfator
300 watt, 72 cell, mono-crystalline solar panel with 50ft power cable
Optional 520 watt, mono-crystalline solar panel set with 50ft power cable
Solar Panel mobility kit with large 8″ wheels and full range panel tilting for maximum power with manual sun tracking
30 amp MPPT solar charge controller
Complete battery status capacity and remaining power
We understand that investing in back-up power is a family-critical decision. You want a solution that will last for years and be just as reliable in 5 years as it is today.
Traditional generators require you to store gas motor parts, clean air filters, fresh oil, TONS of gasoline storage and rotate it, extra spark plugs, monthly maintenance and still weigh 400+ pounds.
They cannot be used indoors, they have very loud running noise and produce harmful fumes and exhaust. Don’t burden yourself with this mess!
JASPak Solar Generators remove the worry and maintenance! Simply plug the unit into your home power and it will maintain itself and be ready at 100% for you and your family when the lights go out.
Compare JASPak Solar Generators to the rest and see why nobody can keep you running longer and stronger that a JASPak Solar Generator!.

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