Mayday Voyager – Solar AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Band Radio Flashlight

Product Summary

Mayday Kaito KA500BLK Voyager Radio
$69.95 FREE Shipping

11 Bands: AM/FM, Shortwave 1 & 2 and weather 1-7 Bands
NOAA weather Alert sends an emergency wireless signal to the radio for local weather disasters
LED flashlight plus 5-LED reading lamp and SOS emergency light.
Self-powered hand crank charging system.4-way power:Built-in NIMH rechargeable batteries, Solar power, 3″AA” Batteries, AC adapter
Adjustable solar panel captures energy from the sun or natural light. Dimensions:8″ x5″ x2.6″
The Kaito KA500 Voyager is the next generation emergency radio.
It comes with all the features that you need in an emergency situation.

The KA500 packs in a multi-band AM/FM and shortwave (SW) radio, 7 NOAA weather channels, five LEDs adjustable reading lamp, a multi-function LED flashlight – the super bright LED flashlight can be Bright Color or Red Color for normal or emergency use.

All these features can be operated indefinitely without external power thanks to the high quality hand crank AC brushless generator.
The solar panel powers the radio by itself and charges the built-in batteries as well.
To maximize the sunlight, the solar panel is tiltable with at any angles to face the sunlight to receive the energy during day time.

Furthermore, it can be used with 3 AA batteries allowing you to play the radio the old fashioned way, plugged it in an electrical outlet with the optional power adapter, or charged it from an external USB power source .

The Kaito KA500 is a perfect radio for any emergencies and disasters. So put one in your household emergency kit and it will be ready for you to use in any emergency situations or get one for your families and friends.