Mobile Solar Trailer MS-200

Product Summary

Mobile Solar Trailer MS-200

Meet the MS-150’s big brother! Where a larger battery and solar array are required, the MS-200 model solar generator is our largest 120-volt unit. With a 20 kilowatt-hour battery and 1,980-watts of solar input, this is the little generator that can.
 Perfect for remote research, emergency backup and construction sites.

This solar trailer is light enough to be towed behind most 6-cylinder trucks and powerful enough to run 3,600 watt loads, the MS-200 also offers considerable cargo space for storage of tools, emergency supplies and/or electronics.

Solar Array: 6 x 335-watt LG monocrystalline modules
Average Daily Energy Harvest: 12 kWh
Inverter Output: 3.6 kW rated / 6kW surge
120Vac 60Hz single phase
Battery Capacty @ 20hr Rate: 418AH @ 48Vdc (20kWh)
Rated: 2,000 cycles @ 80% DOD

Rated GVWR: 3,850 pounds
Side-entry door, double-rear doors
Smart Battery Meter
Industrial Steel-Case Lead Acid Battery
Automatic Watering and Degassing System
Average Battery Life: 12-15 years
Generator/Grid input
Interior Light Package
5 year Limited Product Warranty

Available Options:
Remote Monitoring System
Inverter Upgrade
120/240 Vac Output
AGM Batteries
Lithium Batteries
Additional Axle Capacity
On-board Diesel Generator
Custom Interior Work

Our products qualify for the 30% Federal income tax credit program, known as the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, for homeowners, and the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, for businesses. Both of these tax credits are for 30% of the total cost of the renewable energy system. There may also be State incentives in your area.

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