Spec Operator Medic Trauma Pack Insert

Spec Operator Medic Trauma Pack Insert

Spec Operator Medic Trauma Pack Insert

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The Condor Pack Insert is designed to work with the Condor Compact Assault Pack or similar sized bags/packs. The pack insert allows users to organize their medic kit easily, and store it all together within the main compartment of the Compact Assault Pack or any other bug out bags/packs.

Hook and Loop Modular Panels and Pouches
Two panels with elastic keeper
One 4.5″H x 8.5″W x 1.5″D pouch with mesh window and flap closure
Two 4.5″H x 8.5″W x 1.5″D pouch with Vinyl window and flap closure
Semi-rigid construction to keep insert in form for easy deployment
Grab handle

Spec Operator Medic Trauma Pack Contents:
1 NAR 4″ ETD Emergency Trauma Dressing
1 Triangular Bandage – 40″ x 40″ x 56″ 10
2 Tongue Depressors 2
6 Safety Pins 6
1 Hand Soap 1
2 Latex Examination Gloves (pair)
2 Bandage Roll Gauze – 4″ x 4 yds
2 Pain Relievers 10
1 Elastic Bandage – 6″
1 Bleedstop Bandage
4 Sterile Sponges – 4″ x 4″
1 First Aid Cream Package
4 Abdominal Pads – 5″ x 9″
1 Eye Pad
1 Burn Cream
16 Bandage Strips – 1″ x 3″
2 Adhesive Tape Roll
1 Instant Ice Packs
1 EMT Shears – 7.5″
12 Iodine Wipes
1 Stainless Steel Hemostat
12 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
1 Tweezers
1 Suture Set
1 Splint
1 SWAT Tourniquet
1 EFA First Aid Book
1 Lip Treatment
1 Quikclot 25g Combat Gauze (optional)

All medical gear is factory sealed and dated for freshness

*Note: Image is for visual purpose only to give the viewer an idea what the pack looks like with content, our contents will differ.