Alka Power Canned Emergency Drinking Water – 112 Cases

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Alka Power Canned Emergency Drinking Water – 112 Cases

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Off Grid Ships Alka Power Canned Drinking Water to any destination in the Domestic USA, we will arrange frieght to other destinations as well.
25 + Year Shelf Life of Purified Water.

Especially during and after emergencies it is important to have safe and clean drinking water on hand and AlkaPower Canned Drinking Water is specifically designed to hydrate your body.

FEMA, Homeland Security and other leading safety experts advise you to keep “One Gallon” of water per person per day on hand to be prepared for emergencies and disasters and the aftermath thereof.

This one gallon per person should be divided into 50% potable water for drinking and cooking and 50% for sanitary use.

This canned emergency drinking water is made using water processing through multiple micro filtrations and ultraviolet and ozone infusion to provide the purest form of safe and clean drinking water.

If you have been worried about storing essential and life saving amounts of water for emergency and disaster use, and you are tired of the frequent replacement of store bought water bottles every 6 to 12 months, then these cans of water are the solution for you.

Holding 46 oz per can and Made in the USA, this water supply is easy to store over 25 years and safe to use.

25 years shelf life and longer
Sturdy steel cans that resist crushing
Air tight sealed
Bacteria Free
Stackable Cases
42 oz per can
6 Cans Per Case case
112 Cases Per Pallet
1.97 Gallons Per Case, 19 lbs
221 Gallons of Life Saving Water
Pallet Weight: 2229 Lbs

Free shipping to domestic US only, does not include Hawaii, PR, Alaska or Canada

NOTE: Price is for a commercial location with a loading dock or forklift service. Additional charges incur for lift-gate truck service to a residential address