RPS​ Solar/Battery Survival Water Systems

RPS Solar/Battery Survival Water Systems

RPS​ Solar/Battery Survival Water Systems

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RPS​ Solar/Battery Survival Water Systems

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RPS Solar Well Pump Preparedness Solutions

RPS Solar Well Pump Systems are for people that appreciate quality and value. Designed to aerospace standards, yet affordable. Easy to install. Zero maintenance. Zero energy costs. Quality you can trust for years and years to come.

No Wind? No Grid? No Problem.
Technology of the 19th century was to use windmills to pump water. The 20th century solution was connecting these systems to the power grid. The 21st century it will all be replaced by solar! Need more water than you can pump from the sun? You can supplement your RPS system with deep-cycle batteries, charged by the solar panels. No more paying the power company and electricians thousands of dollars to hook pumps up to the grid. No trenching miles of power cables. No more electric bills.

If SHTF and the AC Electrical Grid goes down, what is your source of potable water after your tanks are empty?
Got a well? If you’re relying on a gas generator with 120v or 240v AC to pump water, your fuel supply will limit your access to water.

RPS Survival Water ™ provides peace of mind that you’ll have a reliable water source no matter what. Well Pump Kit comes in 3 sizes based on the depth to water of your well. Each include all the components to pull water from your well without grid power for immediate installation or to store for emergencies. Pumps use a specially designed hyper-efficient brushless motor which can run on DC power from solar panels, batteries and wind generators. The electrical components of the kit come protected in a Faraday bag.

How do Solar Well Pumps Work?
Solar panels create power (direct current) when the sun is shining.
That power runs through the connected wires to the RPS Optimizer (the gray box pictured)
If the low water sensor and the high water tank sensor connected to the Optimizer aren’t activated, optimized voltage is transmitted down the well to the submersible well pump.

The well pump pushes water up through connected plumbing (usually PVC or black polypipe) to a hose bib or into a holding tank.
Water can be used directly with a gravity fed system or pressurized/boosted from here.
* For additional gallons per day and as a 24/7 backup, 12v deep-cycle batteries can be added to power the pump. The RPS Optimizer also acts as a Solar Charge Controller to keep your batteries safely topped off!

RPS​ Offers Three Solar/Battery Survival Water System Packages:

(1) RPS Solar/Battery Survival Water 200​™
If you’ve got water in your well less than 150 feet down, the Survival Water 200™ is for you. It can be connected to two 12v deep-cycle batteries, two 100 watt solar panels, or an electric golf cart.

Package includes:
(1) RPS Submersible Brushless Solar/Battery DC well pump* (operates on solar, battery, wind)
(1) RPS Controller with MPPT** (terminals for solar panels, batteries, sensors)
(1) low water level sensors (safeguard for your pump)
(1) optional water float sensor for storage tank (prevents wasted water/pumping)
(1) Wire to connect controller to solar panels’
( ) MC4 connectors
( ) ¾” MPT to ¾” Barb Adapter for connecting to poly pipe or hose as needed***
(1) Spare Pumping Mechanism as backup
(1) Step-by-step installation instructions
(1) Faraday bag to safely store electronic components
Comprehensive 2 year warranty by RPS

*Pump operates at 24v so it can be connected to two 12v batteries in series or two 100 watt solar panels in series. Solar Panels and Batteries not included. Any two 90 watt or 100 watt 12-18 volt solar **panel connected in series will do. A 285 or 190 watt panel will also work. Controller is packaged in a Faraday bag to protect it from EMPs.
***You can use the plumbing and the wire from your existing AC pump in your well if desired, or find 12 gauge 3 Strand Submersible Wire. With this plumbing adapter cheap ¾” Black Poly-pipe will connect easily to the submersed pump at the bottom of the well. If wanting to pump directly into a pressurized bladder tank system, please consult RPS on sizing.
****RPS controller also works as a charge controller to keep batteries safely topped off so you can leave panels and batteries connected at the same time and use the batteries for pumping or anything else.

(2) RPS Solar/Battery Survival Water ​400™
If you’ve got water in your well deeper than 150 feet and less than 250, the RPS​ Survival Water 400™ is for you. It can be connected to two heavy duty 12v batteries or four 100 watt solar panels to run. Includes all components as Survival Water 200™ kit.

(3) RPS Solar/Battery Survival Water ​800™
If you’ve got water in your well deeper than 250 feet and less than 350 feet OR want/need extra water on hand, the RPS Survival Water 800™ is for you. It can be connected to four heavy duty 12v batteries or 800 watts of solar panels to run. Includes all components as Survival Water 200™ kit.
​ ​
RPS 100 Watt Solar Panel
High Quality 100 watt solar panel for use in any​ RPS​ Solar/Battery Survival Water System. This is a 12 volt panel so 2 in series will make 24 volt (though it will actually be about 18 volts per panel) RPS Controllers are designed to handle this additional voltage. The Survival Water 150™ takes 2 solar panels and the Survival Water 250™ takes 4 panels. Each panel has a positive and a negative MC4 connector compatible with RPS Controllers.

NOTE: Solar Panels and Batteries not included in the kit but available.

Please contact our staff for RPS questions and shipping details 856-823-1177