Spec Operator “Active Shooter” Emergency Trauma Kit

Spec Operator &8220Active Shooter&8221 Emergency Trauma Kit

Spec Operator "Active Shooter" Emergency Trauma Kit

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Active shooter trauma events to vehicle crashes, public transportation, accidental injuries from natural disasters like tornadoes or inflicted injuries from intentional acts of violence like shootings and bombings. Uncontrolled bleeding can result in death within minutes – even before emergency medical services or other emergency responders can arrive. These first minutes following a traumatic injury are crucial in saving a life. Our kit is designed to deliver the most critical “point of wound” supplies to first responders prior to arrival of EMS.

The “Active Shooter” Emergency Trauma Kit is a great addition to Schools, Business, OEM, Public buildings and Home Preparedness.

Kit contains:
(1) Condor Heavy Duty Utility Bag w/ Molle and shoulder strap
(2) External Molle Tourniquets Pouch’s & High Visibility Orange C-A-T Tourniquets Gen 7 for Fast Deployment
(1) External Molle Glove Pouch w/ gloves
(4) NAR Nitrile Black Glove – Large
(4) High Visibility Rescue Orange C-A-T Tourniquets
(4) NAR 6″ ETD Trauma Dressing Bandages
(4) Quikclot 25g, Celox or Chito Pro Hemostatic Gauze (see pricing options at check out)
(4) NAR Hyfin Chest Seals
(2) 7.5″ EMT Shears,
(1) NAR Quick Litter
(1) Surgical Tape
(4) Compressed Gauze 4’x4′

Size: 8″H x 12″W x 4.5″D
Wt: 6 lbs

Available bag Colors: OD….All products are factory sealed and dated for freshness…Are You Prepared?

Add QuikClot 25g Gauze, Chit Gauze Pro, Celox X or other Hemostatic agents to reduce trauma injury blood flow. See pricing variation at checkout

We highly recommend an emergency plan and basic first aid training to understand how products are used during an emergency.