Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Hot Water Energy Systems

Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Hot Water Energy Systems

Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Hot Water Energy Systems

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Product Summary

Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Hot Water Energy Systems

Sun Bandit® is a revolutionary new way in which solar is used to heat water. This innovative new technology utilizes PV technology to deliver clean, reliable hot water by putting the free energy of the sun to work for you in ways that makes owning a solar system more practical and affordable than ever before.

Achieving energy independence has never been easier than with a Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Energy System. Sun Bandit® patented technologies eliminates the need for complex solar mechanical water heating and replaces it with clean, simple to install and easy to enjoy PV technology to effectively and efficiently provide hot water. With advance micro grid technology and design, Sun Bandit® can deliver hot water even when the grid goes down. Sun Bandit® is the simplest solar hot water solution on the market, providing the most easy-to-use and economical way to go solar.

Sun Bandit® is available in 30, 50, 80 & 119 gallon electric water heater kits and four power package configurations

Installation is a breeze with Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Energy Systems that include fully flashed rooftop mounting hardware, solar modules, micro inverter(s), controller and water heater. View the Sun Bandit® Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for detailed information.

Enjoy Energy Independence for Years to Come…
Your neighbors will be green with envy as you capture the free energy of the sun to reduce fossil fuel consumption and enjoy clean, quiet, worry-free hot water from your Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Energy System.

30% Less Federal Tax Credit

Many State Have Extra Energy Incentive

SRCC OG-100 Certified for tax credits and additional incentives.

FREE Hot Water From The Sun

10 Year Warranty!

Available for Electric, Natural Gas & Propane

SBES Kit includes:

Solar Hybrid Water Heater
w/ Mix Valve, T&P Valve and Temperature Gauge
Micro-Grid Inverter (Master)
with Tail, Cap & Mounting Hardware
Micro-Grid Inverter (Subordinate)
with Mounting Hardware
Modules (285W)
AC Disconnect
with Ground Bar
Junction Box
with Connector
Zilla® Quad Combo Rail (83″)
Zilla® Zip Flashing
with L-Foot and Mounting Hardware
Zilla® PVC Electrical Flashing
Zilla® End Clip
with hardware
Zilla® Top Clip
with hardware
Zilla® Splice Bar
with hardware
Wire Management Clip
Fuse (10A)
used with AC Disconnect
Fuse (15A)
used with AC Disconnect

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