SunDanzer DDR165 Direct Drive Solar Refrigerator

Product Summary

SunDanzer DDR165 Direct Drive Solar Refrigerator

DDR 165 Direct Drive Solar Refrigerator

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SunDanzer introduced the world’s first solar refrigerator that can connect directly to your solar panels without other controls or batteries, a battery-free refrigerator.
For users on a budget, you can avoid the expense of a charge controller and deep draw batteries.

The Model DDR165 will run on one 120 watt 12 volt solar panel in most locations (Off Grid Warehouse) can run the loads for you to be sure).

This is an excellent option for critical refrigeration requirements such as helping to preserving temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals or refrigerated specimens.

SunDanzer DDR165 Specifications:
Input Voltage: 10 to 45 VDC
Solar Panel Voltage: 12 V nominal and can also run on 24 V panels
Power Requirements (typical maximum): 40 to 80 watts
Fuse Size: 15 Amps 12 V or 7.5 Amps 24 V
Ambient Environment Temperature Range: 10 to 43 Degrees C (50 to 190 F)
Refrigerator Temperature Range: -1 to 9 Degrees C (39 ti 48 F)
Exterior Dimensions:
93.5 x 66.5 x 98.5 cm LxWxH
36.8 x 26.2 x 34.5 inches LxWxH
165 liters
5.8 cubic feet
Shipping Dimensions:
102 x 76 x 94 cm LxWxH
40 x 30 x 38 inches LxWxH
Shipping Weight:125 pounds

Note: Solar panel shown in photos does not come with unit, panel is extra if needed.

NOTE: Sale of this unit is not complete until the shipping cost is included
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