U.S Battery Deep Cycle – Floor Machines,Sweepers and Scrubbers

Product Summary

U.S Battery Deep Cycle – Floor Machines,Sweepers and Scrubbers

Our goal is to provide you with the right battery solution for:

The greatest return on your investment
The lowest total cost of ownership for the life of the battery
The power solution for the highest productivity of your equipment
The demanding use inherent in floor machine, floor scrubber, floor polishers and floor burnisher applications requires deep cycle power solutions that can provide maximum runtime and minimum downtime for maintenance. As a leader in the stored power industry for more than 35 years, Harris Battery has partnered with manufacturers to provide customers with battery solutions for a variety of janitorial and floor machine needs. Harris Battery is also a member of the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association.

At Harris Battery, we know the importance of choosing the right battery for your floor machine. Partnering with us to provide you with the right power source will dramatically influence maintenance and life cycle costs for your machine. Harris Battery’s team of skilled power professionals can help to ensure better asset management for your floor machines.

Harris Battery has a proven history of providing superior power solutions to a wide range of customers with varying janitorial and floor machine needs such as airports, retail stores, manufacturing and industrial facilities, including many Fortune 500 Companies and environmentally sensitive areas.

Eight optional post + – configurations available

Batteries are available 6, 8 & 12 Volt (6 & 12 Volt AGM). Please contact our sales staff for price, availability and shipping information

NOTE: Sale of any Battery is not complete until buyer has discussed shipping & transaction with seller. The price point is filled in with .01 only to complete ad download.

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