U.S. Battery “USRE Solar Batteries” and Energy Storage

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U.S. Battery “USRE Solar Batteries” and Energy Storage

Solar and Energy Storage Batteries

US RE Batteries

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries come in both starting and deep cycle technologies. Standard Flooded Lead Acid Batteries have the longest proven track record in starting, lighting, and ignition applications. Flooded Lead Acid Battery types offer a lower initial cost per amp hour, however they do require regular maintenance.

Application: Renewable & Wherever Deep Cycle 2-volt
batteries are needed.
Dimensions: 11-7/8 (302)L x 7-1/8 (181)W x 16-3/4 (425)H
Type: Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) non-sealed.
Case material: Polypropylene / Heat Sealed

Eight optional post configurations available

Batteries are available 2 & 6 Volt. Please contact our sales staff for price, availability and shipping information

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