Water Prepared – 160 Gallon Stackable Emergency Water Tank

Water Prepared &8211 160 Gallon Stackable Emergency Water Tank

Water Prepared - 160 Gallon Stackable Emergency Water Tank

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Water Prepared – 160 Gallon Stackable Emergency Water Tank


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Buy: 1 160 gallon tank $575.95
Buy: 2 160 gallon tanks $949.95
Buy: 2 160 gallon tank Special: Includes (2) Tanks, BioFilm Defender Water Treatment and 25″ Drink Water Hose $989.95

WaterPrepared was created out of the search for a better solution to water storage. Taking the benefits from both 55 gallon barrel and large irrigation water barrels, WaterPrepared has created the only tank of its kind that allows for a large capacity of water to be stored in a tank that could be handled and installed by the average family in the standard home. Thousands of homes are now storing enough water to be self sufficient for several months. These same families have the peace of mind of knowing their water can be easily accessed in a time of need.

Tank Facts:


How often should I rotate out the water in my tank?
While we have seen water last for many years in this type of plastic, the suggested rotation schedule is as OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. If you happen to be one of the 90% of the people who simply forget, your water will be safer for longer with a WaterPrepared tank because of the high-quality, non-porous plastic that our tanks are made out of. WaterPrepared helps make rotating water convenient by allowing you to hook a standard garden hose up to your tank. With such convenience, we suggest using your water to rinse cars, water flowers, fill buckets, and in any other situation to ensure that your water is regularly being turned.

How much water can the tanks hold?
A single WaterPrepared tank holds between 150 – 160 gallons which is three times the capacity of your standard blue drum. Volume will vary slightly with plastic tanks.

What are the tank dimensions?
42″ Tall / 29″ Wide / 36″ deep. It will fit through any standard doorway.

Weight: 42 Lbs Empty

Shipping Wt 50 lbs

Can I put this tank in-line with my house water?
Because your house water is pressurized and the tank is not, you cannot run water back into your house without a pump. You can, however, put your tank “end-line” using standard 3/4″ male hose-thread and connecting it to the utility connection on the upper front of the tank.

How much water do I need?
The department of Homeland Security recommends 1 gallon per day per individual. 1/2 of this gallon is used for drinking, 1/4 for cooking, and 1/4 for washing. It is up to you how conservative you would like to be. If you look above you will find a very simple water calculator.

Do I need to put chemicals in my tank?
FDA approved tablets can be placed in your water to kill bacteria and prolong the shelf life of your water. The need for water treatment increases with the age and wareing conditions of your tank. While chemicals are not required for safe water storage, regular testing for bacteria is recommended with any water storage system.

Why does water last longer in this tank than standard drums?
WaterPrepared tanks have been specifically designed for long term storage and ease of rotation. A tank that is used correctly will harvest less bacteria than a tank that sits stagnant. Beyond the high quality resin that is used in WaterPrepared tanks, the tank itself has proven time and time again to be easier to utilize and encourages often and proper rotation.

Does the tank come with fittings?
Yes, your tank will come with two hose-bib spigots, one 3/4″ plug, and a spring loaded cap. You will not need to purchase additional fittings to use your tank.

Can I get blue barrels cheaper?
Comparing WaterPrepared tanks to standard blue drums is comparing apples to oranges. WaterPrepared tanks have been made with an enhanced resin specifically for storing water. The design facilitates a far more convenient water system complete with valves for easy rotating, more compact space, larger openings for cleaning, and optional fittings for flexibility and customization. In the end, you get what you pay for.

How high can I stack my tanks?
WaterPrepared tanks should only be stacked two high.

What kind of plastic is the tank made out of?
WaterPrepared tanks are made out of a high quality polyethylene resin. We only use materials approved and certified to be used for water storage.

Is the tank FDA/NSF approved?
Yes, WaterPrepared tanks are FDA and NSF approved

Is the plastic BPA free?
Yes, WaterPrepared tanks are BPA free.

Can I get a bulk discount?
Discounts can be given when shipping 4 or more tanks to one location. Please call 856-823-1177 to discuss rates.

Can I pick up the tank and get a discount?
Customers near NJ can avoid shipping costs by picking up the tanks at our location in Woodbury NJ Please call for details

Will my tank freeze over?
It is not common for WaterPrepared tanks to freeze all the way through. If frozen, find water through the center cap.

Should I clean my tanks before filling?
WaterPrepared tanks are sterilized prior to delivery through an extremely high-temperature molding process. Rinsing your tanks may be helpful but washing them prior to filling is not necessary. WaterPrepared uses vacuum drills in the manufacturing process to minimize plastic shavings inside your tanks. To remove any shavings that may have fell in during assembly you may use a vacuum or simply fill as normal then scoop the shavings off the top. Plastic shavings are harmless and will float on top of your water. Chlorine, chlorine tablets, and other substances approved for treating water may be used upon filling your tank to kill bacteria that may have appeared during delivery.

Note: Tank Images is for height and stacking reference
Allow 14 Day for delivery
For more info call 856-292-3645