WC Series – Waste Combustion Toilet Systems

Product Summary

WC Series – Waste Combustion Toilet Systems

WC5 – cabin, summer house, lower capacity usage areas
WC32 – smallest commercial incinerator – oil rigs, construction sites, camps, military, refugee camps, disaster relief, house boats
WC48 – largest commercial incinerator – oil rigs, construction sites, camps, military, refugee camps, disaster relief, house boats etc

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The WC Series consist of a wide range of waste combustion systems (incinerators) in different sizes and fuel sources.

All models in the WC series incinerate from a holding tank and operate with low flush toilets (0.8-1.2 gpf), regular flushing toilets (1.6 gpf), or vacuum toilets (0.2 gpf). WC5, WC32, and WC48 are all included in the WC series and use Propane, Diesel, or Natural Gas as fuel source depending on model and size.

The waste combustion systems are ideal in any remote application where there is no access to septic or sewage system; in addition to new installations they can also be installed and connected to existing toilets.

Thus in case there is an issue with failing or too costly sewage solutions one can add on a waste combustion system and eliminate the problems.

The incinerators along with low flush toilets provide ecological, economical, and logistical benefits. The WC models have the capability to incinerate between 1 to 5 gallons of waste per hour (depending on model).

Quick Facts
Incinerates black water from a waste holding tank
Provide ecological, economical, and logistical benefits
Eliminate costly and potential harmful issue associated with a standard pump out
The incinerators operate with low-flush water toilets, water and waste tanks.
No chemicals
Residential and commercial applications
Incinerator may be installed up to 300 ft from toilets
Withstand high usage and a severe environment
Easy control board with push buttons and display of statuses and messages
CSA and CE Approved
Custom size water and waste tanks available upon request
Easy access to clean out ash
12VDC, 120 AC, or 240 AC
Diesel, propane, and natural gas
Works in cold climate and high elevation
System is mobile
Included 6″ double wall vent pipe removes harmless resultants steam
No pump out or sewer required
Meets emission regulations
Interfaces with single or multiple toilets
Waterless urinals may be hooked up to system